Before you Read

Predicting Earthquakes:

  • Why are there so many earthquakes in Japan? Why do we have many earthquakes in some places and no earthquakes in other places?
  • Have you ever experienced an earthquake? What did you feel? What did you see?

Please post your answers. 


3 thoughts on “Before you Read

  1. Lucy has never experienced an earthquake. So, let’s tell her about a real earthquake experience.

    In 2005, in Fukuoka, I experienced an earthquake. I was at my church in Fukuoka; it was a Sunday morning. We were singing a church song, and the church building started to shake terribly. At first, I thought a big truck was passing by the building, or a subway train was going under us. But, after 3 seconds, I knew that it was an earthquake. So, I got under my seat. It was so scary. Many people were screaming. We went outside after the shaking and tried to help people. There were many injured people. It was one of the most scary times in my life. One or two people died in Fukuoka on that day.

  2. How about Yujin.

    I have many earthquake experiences. The biggest earthquake for me was 5 years ago. It was a Friday at about 3:30 in the afternoon. And, shaking! I thought the shaking would not stop. We went outside. and other people were outside. We looked at the building and it was still shaking. But, the building did not fall. It was OK. We tried to call someone but we couldn’t call them. It finished that way. This was the Fukushima earthquake. In Tokyo, it was not so bad. I was staying in Akasaka.

  3. How about Shunsuke?

    My story is almost the same as Yujin’s story. I have many experiences of earthquakes. I was a high school student. And after school, I went to a game center. I thought a truck was going by, the same way that Rick thought. But, the sprinklers started to shower water on us. So, we went outside. We were wet and scared. On this day, I couldn’t go back home. My friend’s house was nearby. So, I went to his house. There were no trains. There were no buses. So, I couldn’t go home. Wow! I called my parents and told them I was OK.

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