What is your favorite folktale?

Why do you like this story so much?


Please write your answer in the text box.


4 thoughts on “Folktales

  1. My favorite folktale is Hansel and Gretel. Because I like cookies. When I was young, I always imagine the cookies house like If I find the cookies house, what will I do? That’s why I like this folktale.

  2. What is Yujin’s favorite folktale?

    Snow White

    A bad stepmother likes a magical mirror very much. But the mirror tells her that Snow White is the most beautiful. So, the stepmother wants to kill Snow White with a poisonous apple. But 7 dwarves help Snow White. And a prince kisses her and she wakes up. It has a happy ending.

  3. What is Shunsuke’s favorite folktale?

    Momo Taro

    It’s a Japanese folktale. An old couple is poor and live in the country. One day, a peach comes down the river, and the old couple takes the peach home. That night, the peach opens and a little boy comes out. The boy grows up. He goes to fight a monster on a great journey. He is helped by a bird, a monkey, and a dog. It’s a strange, but fun story. The end.

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