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  • The Author’s Name
  • A Summary or Review

Summary: a short statement that gives the main information about something, without giving all the details:

Review: a short statement that gives an opinion about a book, play, film, etc.

[ Try to write at least 80 words for your summary or review ]


20 thoughts on “E R

  1. Dear rick
    I’m Yujin Song
    Title: Shelly’s Phone
    story: she was lost phone.
    and , there were each other different phone.
    She’s was boy friend the boss change.

  2. Title:About Bunnies.
    Story by Gladys:Nelson Muter.
    Review:This story is about bunnies .
    They ate vegetable garden all lettuce and carrots.

  3. The Title : Gulliver’s Travels
    The Author’s Name : Jonathan Swift
    A Summary or Review
    I finished reading a book called Gulliver’s Travels. It was a interesting. This book seperated part of three. Part1 was that a biggest man treveled an island, which little men lived in. Part2 and part3 were that a smallest man treveled two island. The biggest men lived in one island and horses lived in the other island.

  4. The Title : Story of American Independence
    The Author’s Name : Maya Ray
    A Summary or Review
    I like this book. I was fun and excited when I read this book. Because it explain how American was independent,and how Independence Day set.
    Independece Day, there are parades, fireworks in many town the US. I want to see their traditional part.
    Now I know Independence Day. That day, I will remember the reason for the celebration. The United States is free country because brave people willing to take a stand and fight for what they believe in.

    Rick… I tried to write at least 80 words for my summary but, it was difficult for me. ㅜ_ㅜ

    • “Try to write at least 80 words” does not mean that you have to write 80 words. Don’t worry! 50 or 60 words is OK. But, try to write as much as possible. You are doing very well!

  5. A Summary or Review: It was the year 650 in England. There was no king and people ware fighting. A young man called Arthur became King with the helps of a magician. Arthur married Guinevere pushing aside the magician’s objection. They had their best friend called Lancelot. Mordred, the son of Arthur’s half sister set a trap that Guinevere and Lancelot were in love. Arthur was made to fight against Lancelot because of this. Arthur noticed that it was not true before actually fighting. Arthur fought against Mordred but was killed because Lancelot’s help was late. Arthur asked Lancelot to take care of Guinevere just before his dying.

  6. The Title : The Girl with Green Eyes
    The Author’s Name : JOHN ESCOTT
    A Summary or Review
    I read this book. It is about the hotel’s worker, Jake Russo. He always go to coffee shop next to the hotel after working. Because the girl with green eyes is in it. She is beautiful and charming. She always drink coffee next to window. He like her, so he went her table and talk with her. One day she looks unhappy, so he ask her what happend. She told about her father who stays in Jake’s hotel. He have her sketch book, and she need it. Jake want to help her. He robs sketch book, and he gives her it. But she is a criminal. She go to sell the sketch book later. He is a robber now and become all-points bulletin. After that, he search her and finally met her. Later he take the stekch books back to real owner.
    Now, Jake thought I stay away from girl with beautiful green eyes!

  7. The title: The wiener dog magnet
    The Author’s Name:by Hayes Roberts
    A Summary or Review: Little monkey named Kiki Marie. She picked the wiener dog and one nickel.and she loved the wiener dog magnet. She showed it all of her favorite places. She heard a loud noise. There in the river were two alligators trapped in the rapids. Kiki Marie had idea. She gethered all her strength Due to the magnetism. They formed a magnetic wiener dog bridge. The king of all alligators presented Kiki Marie with a blue ribbon for saving the day.She slept very soundly that night.

  8. The Title:The Little Match Girl
    The Author’s Name:Hans Christian Andersen
    A Summary or Review:
    The story was very famous. The little girl lives with her mother and father. There are very poor. She’s mother sad”get out and sell some matches!”. She put some matches into her old apron.But the little girl shoes very big because, her mother’s shoes. She lost her mother’s shoes.The little girl walks over the snow in her bare feet. She said”Buy my matches”But nobody buys any matches from her. No one gives her any money.It is the last night of the year.
    The poor little match girl is cold and hungry.The little girl takes a match. She strikes it against the wall. She big knife and fork in its backs.Next she is sitting under the most beautiful Christmas tree. And Little girl can’t forget her grandmother’s words to her. When a star falls a soul is going up to God.Then the grandmother takes the little girl in her arms. they fly up happily into the sky. They are with God.

  9. The Title : Last Chance
    The Author’s Name : Phillip Burrows and Mark Foster
    A Summary or Review
    This book is interesting. His name is Mike. He is a cameraman, but he is in big trouble. He will quit if he doesn’t find good news. He goes to Hawaii because there is a volcano in Hawaii and the volcano is erupting and people are leaving. Mike sees a photograph of the volcano. He takes a plane to Hawaii. Some people say it is dangerous, so you can’t go there. However, It is his last chance. He should get a good news. He is on volcano and makes film. When he comes down, he hear someone’s voice. He goes to that place. She can’t move her leg because it is under the rock. He saves her but he leaves his camera. After that, he thinks I am quit, but his boss calls him. His camera is found by her helped. He gets last chance.

  10. The Title : Drive into Danger
    The Author’s Name : Rosemary Border
    A Summary or Review
    I read this book. Mark Miles has many trucks. One of the driver have got a bad arm, so he can’t drive. Just then Kim parker arrives. She can drive. Mark explain what to do. After that, Kim and Mark’s son, Andy, drive and take the ferry. They drive off the ferry. And they know the truck is losing oil. And also they find box under the truck. Anyway they fix the truck. Next, they stop and go in the cafe. Suddenly someone’s looking under the truck.
    They drive the truck, but a red car follow them. Because box is in drug. Andy and Kim drive fast and the box throws away rubbish dump. The two men say that give me the parcel. Andy and Kim fight them and call up the police. The two men arrest.

  11. The Title:The Little Match Girl
    The Author’s Name:Hans Christian Andersen
    A Summary or Review:
    The book is famous. It is famous in Japan too.It is a story of little girl who is very poor.Her mother is an ill-natured person. Her mother forced her to sell matches in light clothes on cold days.Her sandal was stolen.she walk to with bare feet on the snow.She tried to sell matches while enduring cold.she fell a sleep beside a building and had a dream.There were many foods and she was in old parson’s arms.She died with a smile.It was a poor story.

  12. The Title : The Little Match Girl
    The Author’s Name : Hans Christian Andersen
    A Summary or Review
    I read this book, because Sunsuke’s summary is interesting. It’s also a famous book in Korea. This story is about the little poor girl. Her mother and father is very bad. They is like stepparents, but it doesn’t say that in the book. Just I guess. They said her to sell matches. And if she get the money, she can’t come back home. She want to sell her matchs, but nobody buys matches. She is getting cold, so she strike one match against the wall. In its light, she sees a hot stove, but burnt match. After that, she strike another match against the wall. Suddenly the girl can see into the room, and on the table there is food. But second match dies, so she lights a third match. she sees christmas tree. Then the match dies. Again she lights match. In its light, she sees her grandmother, but the match get died, so she lights the other match. She want grandmoter to take her. Then she fly up happily. Eventually she died on New Year. This book’s story is very sad.

  13. The Title : Girl on a Motorcycle
    The Author’s Name : John Escott
    A Summary or Review
    The man, called Kenny, stay a motel, before he is going to San Francisco. In that time, in Los Angeles, somebody is robbing a security guard outside a supermarket, but a camera is taking picture. The robber has long blond hair and with a motorcycle, but they don’t know she or he. Kenny sees a girl arrive on a motorcycle, and he thinks she is the robber. He gets into her room secretly and he searches the room. But he cannot find the money from robbery. Suddenly, he hears somebody opening the door, so he gets away next to room. There is money from robbery and a blond wig. And he hears somebody coming. He meet the robbery the. robbery run out with money. The girl sees that, so she follow the robbery. After that, the robbery arrest.

  14. The title: Red Roses
    The Author’s Name:Christine Lindop
    A Summary or Review:
    Anna is music school student. She playing guitar on the balcony of her new apartment. Her get out because her friend pick up Vicki. She goes out of her apartment. Anna is waiting outside the apartment building.
    A young man is walking along the street. she looks at the young and he carrying a fo white roses. She think ‘He’s nice’. The young man looks young woman. ‘She’s nice’ he thinks. and he smiles at her. He will goes into Grandview Apartment. They fall in love but no they name. They all away think and wont knows name. One day Anna friend parry on Saturday but Anna not feeling well. There the young men came.
    When day the young men bought rose his Grandview present the young men find his friend Tom and Anna. The young men sand a person home and Anna. Each other did not no in car. They are outside the apartment building. They are ‘Oh It’s you and play the guitar”You come here with roses’ Yes I always bring roses to my gran. They spend good time. The young men name is Will. Will and Anna fall in love. Will came red roses bring he gran. Will sad red roses flower language is love.

  15. The title: Bunty and Bubbly
    The Author’s Name: Sorit Gupto
    A Summary or Review:
    This story is child Education life. Heroine is Bunty. Bunty loves to pley with butterflies and with a birds. She loves to play with paper boats She also likes to make sand castles. When bunty goes back home. her mother asks her to clean up. But she refuses ‘I hate soaps’ she screams one night, she has a dream. Ther germs are all around her a castle and are attacking her. Bunty is chased by the germs she runs for her life and screams. Suddenly soap, king Bubbly appears Bunty don’t be afraid he says. Go attack the germs. The soap king orders his chase the germs away. These days Bunty likes to use soap and Scrubs herself clean. very fun story.

  16. The Title : Last Chance
    The Author’s Name : Phillip Burrows and Mark Foster
    A Summary or Review:
    This is a story about news cameraman.This boss didn’t like his film. He was given last chance to take a good film. He decided to go to Hawaii to take an erupting volcano picture .He walk to the volcano and took pictures of smoke and fire.One the way back to the town he found a girl. She had a broken leg under a rock. He put down his camera on the ground
    and help to her. They got on helicopter and left Hawaii. He talk on a man of the helicopter about his camera left behind. His boss called him to come to his office.His boss sad to him “You did good job.” His boss showed him a video of the volcano. His camera was there.He need to thank the man of the helicopter.He help to her , luckily got back his camera,and continued his job.

  17. The Title :Mystery in London
    A Summary or Review
    This is a story of a detective.There was a blody woman street.He went in to the RoseCrown.There were for people in the bar. He talked to young woman. She said to him that the woman in street had a friend called Rosy who live in Limehouse Street. He went toLimehouse Street to find Rosy. He tried the house with the white door. He met Rosy and sad to her that the woman Annie was very ill. Rosy told him that Annie had a boyfriend cooled juck. He was a sailor and his ship’s in the London docks. He went to Anneis house and found that the name of Jack’s ship is the Californian. He was in London docks and went to the left. He could see the californian, but it is sailing out of the dock. He wen on the bridge and jump onto the Californian. The captain told him that there were three Jacks on my ship. He spoke to the jack on the right. There was something in his poket. It was a blody knife. This jack was the criminal called whitechapel killer. He arrested the whitechapel killer. The detective called Mycroft Pound finished another good days work.

  18. The title: Girl an a Motorcycle
    The Author’s Name: John Escott
    A Summary or Review:
    This story was Kenny going across America by bus. The bus in California. In the little town, fifty kilometres away from Los Angeles. Same time in Los Angeles , somebody is robbing a security guard outside a supermarket. After the robbery, the supermarket manager phones the police. Next morning, Kenny puts on the TV in his room. A news-reader is talking about the supermarket robbery. There are some pictures from the supermarket camera. He goes for breakfast. The girl is eating her breakfast at a table near the window. Kenny sits down her sit. Her name is Mel. Kenny think in Los Angeles robbery her because her have motorcycle and Los Angeles robbery same. Kenny thinks perhaps the money from the robbery is in her room. Kenny goes upstairs suddenly he sees the girl again. She rooms nothing money. Kenny climbs into room eighteen. There room is Ned’s but black motorcycle coat and money from the robbery. Ned was robbery in Los Angeles. She was very famous stunt girl. and Kenny is a policeman .

  19. The Title : The Girl with Green Eyes
    The Author’s Name : JOHN ESCOTT
    This is the story about a man.Who was fooled by a girl with green eyes.The man is greg who is a porter at the shepton Hotel in New York. Greg met a girl with green eyes called cassie at a coffee shop acrss the street. She introduce her self as an artist and tolled her troubles to him. Her step father staying at the hotel had her sketchbook books and didn’t give them back to her. Greg got them and gave them cassie. Greg’s friend mike told greg that what cassie told greg was onto true and the sketchbook were an artist, jake Russo’s.
    On the Circle line boat ,grebe so cassie who was talking to a man and selling them to him for two thousand dpllers.To police men moved to cassie and the man. Greg and a police man took the sketchbooks back to the hotel and gave them back to jake Russo.Jake Russo sad to greg ,”Stay away from girls with beautiful green eyes.”

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